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SavingsNut.com™ provides 1000’s of money saving tips and “how-to” advice to help young adults, families and seniors learn to save money, reduce their household expenses and live more frugally.  The site provides detailed saving advice for all areas of your monthly budget including: Shopping, Household, Auto, Energy & Utilities, Travel, Health & Leisure, Life’s Major Events, Home Finance & Coupons.  Tell your friends and family about SavingsNut.com™ so they can start saving too.  And if you have a web site, please feel free to add a link to SavingsNut.com.™



Clothes Shopping - When it comes to clothes, buying items that you can mix and match and that are dual-purpose will stretch your budget further.  For instance, instead of buying four total outfits, try buying eight separate pieces that can all be mixed and matched.  Stay with neutral colors and add additional color with accessories.  Instead of four different outfits you will have well in excess of ten.  And resist buying the latest trend or fad.  Trends and fads are just that:  “Short-lived ideas that will not get long-term use.”  Most trends will be out-of-fashion well before you get your money’s worth out of your purchase.  If your purchase is unlikely to get used over the long-term, it is probably something your budget cannot afford.


Online Shopping -  Online shopping provides anyone with Internet access the possibility of finding almost any item or service they could imagine (including many that are not available locally), at the best price, at any time day or night, right from the comfort of your home.  You can literally buy anything.  In addition to purchasing goods and services over the Internet, a great way to save with online shopping is searching for promo-codes and other savings for additional deals both on the Internet and at local stores. The problem is, since the Internet is so massive, diverse and often confusing, how does someone actually find online shopping sites that can meet their shopping needs that are competitive, reliable and safe to use.  It can be a daunting task, even for the most adventurous. Savingsnut.com provides many ideas on how to get started on being a successful and secure online shopper.




Cooking on a Budget - When making a favorite meal, make a large batch and create “frozen dinners” for you and your family.  Since you are already cooking, the amount of extra work and energy cost is minimal.  Or if you like, set aside a “cooking day” once a month and prepare many kinds of meals for future use.  All you need are some freezer containers for the types of portions you prefer, enough freezer capacity and a little organization.  Most any kind of meal will freeze well, even breakfast items.


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Vehicle Financing - Knowing what financing/leasing options are available is just as important as knowing the cost of the vehicle to the dealer.  Remember, how the vehicle is financed, and on what terms, is a major determinant of the overall cost of the vehicle to you, as well as the amount of profit the dealer makes from the transaction.  If you can get pre-approved for financing or leasing, this will put you in the strongest possible position to negotiate either a cash price with the dealer (cash to the dealer from your financing company), or dealer financing/leasing that is better than available elsewhere.  If the dealer knows you have the cash available to purchase the vehicle, they will be more likely to lower their price in order to secure a deal right then.  And if they know you do not need to rely on them for financing, they are more likely to offer an attractive financing/leasing package.  But remember, just because the dealer’s monthly lease payment or finance payment is smaller than what you found elsewhere, does not mean it is cheaper. You need to compare interest rates and the number of monthly payments that are required, as well as the amount of any down payment and fees required.  The primary objective in negotiating financing is to lower your overall cost of financing, not just achieve the lowest monthly payment.   




Heating & Cooling - Do not try to heat or cool your house faster by setting the thermostat to a higher or lower temperature than desired.  The house won’t heat up or cool down any faster, and chances are you won’t turn the thermostat back to the desired temperature until the house has gotten too warm or cool, resulting in excess energy consumption.  If you are using a heat pump, avoid large changes in thermostat settings (usually over two degrees), to avoid having the costly supplemental heat strip activate.


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Hotels - Even if you have a reservation, you may want to consider, before disclosing your reservation to the desk clerk, asking what rooms they have available and the price.  If plenty of rooms are available, you may be quoted a rate lower than your reservation rate for the same type of room.  If so, mention to the clerk that the rate is lower and ask that they honor the lower rate. They should be more than willing to do this.




Hospital Charges - Before you are admitted to the hospital, make sure you know how long the hospital stay is expected to be.  When in the hospital, if you are progressing well, ask if you can go home early. Sometimes you can easily save an extra day’s hospital stay just by asking to be released.  And make sure you know what time of the day to be released in order to avoid an extra day’s charges.




College Scholarships - Scholarships and grants are the most affordable way to partially or fully pay for college.  Funds received do not have to be repaid and are not dependent on fulfilling work requirements. Scholarships and grants are available for all types of students going to all types of colleges, and may be granted to incoming freshman or at any time during the college stay.  Scholarships and grants are not just for academically or athletically gifted students, or students with low incomes.  Students who have not achieved high academic records or athletic accomplishments should not be discouraged from searching out scholarships or grants.  Many are awarded for a particular talent, ethnicity, religious affiliation, or even just where you live.  It’s just a matter of matching scholarship or grant requirements with student qualifications.  It may require a lot of effort, but funds are available.


Wedding Timing - When you have your wedding, and where you have your wedding, will affect the overall cost of the wedding and reception considerably. Periods of high demand for weddings or other social occasions, and venues that are in high demand, will be more costly.  If you can be flexible you can reduce cost considerably.  Remember, there are many great places to hold your wedding and reception, and there are also many times of the year (and times of the day and week) that should be able to fit your schedule and provide a memorable occasion.




Credit Card Benefits - Many credit cards (and often debit cards) provide extended warranty protection for your purchases bought with the credit card.  This protection will usually double the initial warranty on the item purchased up to an additional one year of warranty protection.  Credit cards often will also provide coverage for theft or damage to any purchases you made with the card, for up to ninety days under certain conditions.  If covered, they will either repair or replace the item free of charge.  Most credit cards offer coverage in case a rental car you are driving (and was rented using your credit card) is damaged or stolen. This coverage is effective if you do not purchase the collision damage waiver from the auto rental company, and is secondary to any other coverage you may have. There is generally no deductible, so even if your own insurance policy covers any damage sustained, the credit card coverage will pay for your deductible.  In addition to paying claims for damage to the vehicle, the availability of this coverage saves the cost of buying the collision damage waiver from the auto rental company.  Check with your credit card company.

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